Squat suits

I believe gear should support the body. In order to do this, it must fit properly.  Attention must be given to the fit at the hips or glutes and thigh areas.  Your body has to be able to handle the weight, but a well fit suit should offer more stability and support while aiding lifters to achieve their maximum weights. All my gear is custom made to your specific measurements & requirements. If you wish to discuss specific needs please contact me.

The Standard squat suit is a double heavy canvas, natural or black with black trim. Straps close to the back with velcro. 

The Poly Insert is another variation of the standard. This suit gives a better fit for lifters with wider hips than the upper body. The inserts are added at an angle toward the front so not to compromise support at the hips.  

The Black widow is a double heavy canvas with a light layer fused to the inner layer.  Reinforcing stitched web design over the back & front.  Velcro straps closing to the back. 



To measure for a suit:

To measure for a suit:

Please do not take measurements over everyday clothing, ie; jeans sweatshirts etc. Lifting briefs or under garments preferable, but I'll need to know when ordering.

1. Chest @ sternum .. circumference at the bottom of pecs

2. Waist.. circumference around waist line or belly button which ever is larger

3. Hips .. circumference of hip @ widest part of glutes

4. Upper thigh .. circumference of leg at highest point at inseam following the angle around the hip joint staying under the butt cheek in the back

5. Length of Suit Leg .. take a measurement from the center of the thigh at the top of the leg down to where the bottom of the suit should stop at mid thigh. usually 5-7 inches

6. Mid thigh.. circumference of thigh at the low point found in #5. This is the hem of the suit.

Also include your height and approximate weight.