Lifter Testimonials


"Ginny Squat Suits are Bullet Proof" .....Matt Zweng


Elaine "Scraps" Grimwood --- 355 lb Squat @ 105, All-Time National Record

-- 200 lb. Bench @ 105 lbs. bodyweight

Since using Ginny's custom made squat suit, my squat has hit an all-time


Her suit has given me the confidence and control of the weight to set my


Now, the sky is the limit and I intend to keep pushing my numbers higher and


Thanks so much Ginny!

At a mere 105 lbs. her suit made a huge difference, just imagine what it

will do for you!

I only wish she was around a long time ago!

I have complete confidence in Ginny's custom made suits.

.....Elaine "Scraps" Grimwood



"I was impressed with the overall quality of this suit.  Ginny measured

me at the last AAPF nationals, and it fit like a glove, helping me to

set the AWPC and AAPF Squat record for 50-54/242 at the AWPC".

.....Joe Smolinski