About Ginny

My name is Virginia Phillips, or Ginny as most people call me.  I was born in New Hampshire but grew up in Maine.  I now live in Canada, but I cross the border almost daily and still work in Maine on occasion.  I still have family there as well as many other states.  My remaining family here are a son, two daughters and grandchildren plus all my in laws.

I learned to sew as a child and have been working in the sewing industry for over 40 years.  I did factory work as a sewer, then on to training and management.   

In my spare time, I started my own shop and made track suits, jackets, sweat pants and items along this line for local teams and groups.  I also make other "fun things" for friends and family.  Then a local power lifter called saying he needed something strong to make a suit out of.  He was squatting over 1000 lbs and wanted something that wouldn't blow out.  I had some canvas here so he thought that would be great.  I built him a suit and it held.  He told a few guys and I started making more.  I now make bench shirts, squat suits, and sometimes briefs and the occasional strong mans suit.  I basically use canvas, denim or some stretchy polyester, but the materials and style depend on the needs of the lifter.