Bench Shirts

I believe gear should support the body. In order to do this, it must fit properly.  In a bench shirt, attention must be given to the fit at the chest plate, sleeves and shoulders. Your body has to be able to handle the weight, but a well fit shirt should offer more stability and support while aiding lifters to achieve their maximum weights. All my gear is custom made to your specific measurements & requirements. If you wish to discuss specific needs please contact me.

The Standard bench shirt a double denim. Shirt is diamond grid stitched over chest, and the front & back of sleeves. It is reinforced in all the common blow out areas found on other shirts as well as complete chest plate and collar. This shirt has an open back with 1 strip of velcro at the lower back.



The Cobra bench shirt is a double denim shirt with canvas layer in the front. It has the same diamond grid stitch as well as all the reinforced areas as the standard, with an open back with one strip of velcro at the lower back.

Shirts are custom made and as such can be modified to your specs during production. A closed back may be added in denim or stretch poly upon request. Other layers are available at additional cost. Black denim is also available as well as black canvas on occasion.


To measure for a shirt:

To measure for a shirt:


It's always best to have someone else take your measurements.

1. Chest plate... this is the distance across the chest between the

arms just above the breast bone. it's best to take the measurement 

with arms extended forward with palms together in order to get the closest point from arm to arm.

2. Chest circumference of chest under arm.

3. Waist circumference of waist

4. Sleeve length ...measure from chest point where arm connects at 

chest (#1) down inner arm to where you want the sleeve to stop above the 

elbow joint. This is the hem point of the sleeve.

5. Upper arm circumference .. the widest part of your biceps

6. Lower arm circumference ..this is the hem point (#4) I need the 

circumference of the arm at this point.

Also include your height and weight