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Variety in Canvas & Denim


I offer a variety of styles, depending on the lifters' wants and needs.


My suits are custom to the client.  This suit has poly inserts, made for a woman.

 Custom body armor for powerlifters

Specializing in Canvas & Denim

Squat suits & Bench shirts

Combination Denim & Canvas

Denim & canvas shirt.

All shirts and suits are custom to the requirements of the lifter

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How it started

I've been a sewer for many years.  Starting with sewing for my dolls, then sisters and myself while growing up.  My mom taught me at an early age.  I then worked in a factory, making top brand name garments in a piece work setting.  I loved it, the people were great to work for.  Later, I was recommended for a manager/trainer position to set up and run a factory in a piece work setting.  We made all sorts of sportswear, jackets, shorts for Burton Snowboards, CB Vaughn, LL Bean, Starter and others before moving on to military work, the chemical protective suits, flight suits and jackets.  I went on to set up and run two other factories making clothing for the military. 

I started with squat suits when I was approached by Al Mehan, back in '98, to build him a suit out of some heavy weight canvas that I had.  I've been making suits and shirts since and I enjoy it.  It kept me busy after the death of a husband and son and now through retirement.  I doubt I'll ever retire from this though.  It's rewarding to know some of the high numbers lifters achieve with body support that I build.


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Virginia Phillips

951 Route 170, Oak Bay, New Brunswick E3L 4A7, Canada

(506) 466-1879 In the US: 91 North St. Apt. 1 Calais, Maine 04619 email:ginny@ginnyspowergear.co